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What is Mindfulness in Action and Mindfulness in Action coaching?

Very simply, mindfulness in action is about being fully present to ourselves and the immediacy of our experience in the midst of our daily lives.

At its heart is the understanding that every experience is here to teach us something. The issue is, how good a student of experience are we at each moment and how good are we at bringing to life what we newly learn?

Mindfulness in Action coaching supports clients in becoming highly skilled in both, bringing forth capacities for truly living well.

What are some of the practical benefits of Mindfulness in Action coaching?

There have been many research studies into the benefits of mindfulness practice over the past decade. The main benefits cited include improvements in:

  • Focus and attention
  • Decision making ability
  • Self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Resilience, dealing with complexity and emotional intelligence
  • Cognitive effectiveness
  • Performance
  • Ability to manage and prevent stress
  • Well-being and creativity

Who uses Mindfulness in Action coaching?

People from all walks of life who see their own growth and well-being as a indispensable part of their success and fulfilment. To date high performing executives, managers, entrepreneurs, actors, musicians and artists have all found benefit in mindfulness in action coaching.

How does Mindfulness in Action coaching work?

Mindfulness in Action coaching works by bringing the wisdom and aliveness of the present moment to your current life situation. In line with coaching more generally it is a multi-faceted approach to develop better effectiveness, new competencies, more balance and resilience all with more ease, joy and fulfilment.

As a coach I am a candid, skilful and objective partner focused on you and your development. Through the coaching relationship you are invited into deep reflection resulting in shifts in perspective and new possibilities not previously envisaged. In addition, you’ll get:

  • Honest, clear and objective feedback
  • Knowledge and practice guidance
  • Structure for accountability
  • Learning strategies and practices for developing new competencies

When should I use Mindfulness in Action coaching?

Life’s challenges provide rich opportunities for learning, growth and choiceful change and a coaching partnership can help you make the most of these opportunities. So any period of transition, development, change and renewal in your life:

  • A promotion or new project/assignment
  • Planning a career change
  • The need for new capacities for living well
  • Setting up a new business or growing a existing business
  • Transitions around loss, relationships or re-location

How do I get started/find out if Mindfulness Coaching is for me?

To work together successfully, it’s important for both of us to determine that my approach is a good fit for your needs. A preliminary consultation serves this aim.

I’ll learn about you, and about what you’re looking for. You’ll learn about my coaching approach and ask any questions you want. Both of us will develop a sense for the important chemistry and fit, and be able to determine if we will be able to work well together.

I don’t believe in hard selling or in promising miracles that can’t be delivered. This consultation is a no-cost, no-obligation chance for both of us to make a free and informed choice.

In a 45 minute session, we’ll talk about your situation and why you’re interested in coaching. If we both feel confident about the fit, I’ll outline a proposal that defines a structure, timeframe, and costs.

Sound good? Click on here to set up a time for our exploratory conversation.


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