I’ve very much appreciated Oli’s quality of presence and ability to work with whatever was arising in the moment. This helped facilitate the freeing of psychological, somatic and emotional blocks. I also valued Oli’s challenging and championing of me, as appropriate, on my journey. This helped keep me on track in clarifying and realising a major career transition.
Mindfulness Teacher

I had one to one coaching with Oli over a period of several months. I found it a very valuable experience. I particularly enjoyed and benefited from Oli’s inter-weaving mindfulness practices within his coaching. Looking back I realise it really has positively shifted my outlook on life I feel calmer and more at peace. I continue to use some of the techniques I learned through my work with Oli.

Oli also supported me through some significant changes in my life. I feel that with his support I made better decisions about the road which I chose to travel. The ways he helped me make those decisions have stayed with me and I know I can call upon them in the future.
Oli is a skilled Coach. He has a lovely calm, grounded presence and a great range. In some of my sessions we dealt with really emotional issues, others much more practical goal oriented work and everything in between. Oli coached the entire range with great competence and I always felt he was there alongside me.

I’d heartily recommend Oli as a Coach. Not only do you get the coaching you get a “toolkit” of useful life-skills that you can take away and keep using.

Carole Adams, CEO

My coaching engagement with Oliver was life-changing. I found Oliver highly attuned to what I was avoiding and what really wanted to come through in my life. His encouraging, engaging and present approach was very helpful in guiding me through some difficult emotions. At the end of our work, I felt very in touch with my authentic self and have experienced improved relationships and sense of purpose in my career as a result.


Sarah Grossmith, Entrepreneur

Thanks to Oliver’s dedication, support and guidance I have been able to overcome the obstacles that I have found in my work and personal life. It has been a great help to work through some of the major doubts and fears I had and begin to live with more passion, meaning and clarity.


Antonio Arias, Regional Consultant, United Nations Development Programme

I’ve experienced Oli’s coaching as extremely powerful; his unique style combines a very subtle, spacious, gentleness with an almost relentlessly sharp and committed focus. Skillfully employing rich, powerful metaphor, Oli has guided me through profound emotional explorations to reveal a deeper understanding of myself and my closest relationships. I can highly recommend Oli as a very skilled coach who meets his clients with genuine empathy and the highest integrity



Mark Schoenes, Management Consultant